US Money Reserve

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Throughout the years, Americans mislead their trust in the US Money Reserve. Still, gaining it over its domination, the US Reserve has managed to overcome the Americans’ expectations, nowadays being known as one of the high rated Money Reserve from all over the world. Either way we accept and realize it or not, there are a number of things mostly unknown about the US Money Reserve. Besides the fact that it hosts money, in some occasions it can be meet as a sponsor at the charitable events. Would you like to find more about the unseen side of it? Stick with us for a more developed knowledge!

A special event that has taken place last winter has demolished all the unbearable myths about the US Money Reserve. In partnership with its founder, Milton Verret the Cow Parade Austin has had the delightful pleasure to announce both of them as being the ones that will be about to bring unique, creative and never seen cow sculptures to Austin, especially in order to support the Superhero Kids fund at Dell Children’s Medical Center. There being said, there can be left a question without a response, but fortunately it has been finally answered regarding the US Money Reserve actions. Besides that, the 2011 edition has been a totally success, and there’s no wonder why! The investment was intended mainly to help sponsoring the cow sculptures, known as the proud of the whole event.

These being said, letting alone the enticing period for the other local companies to help with the sponsors, the Dell Children’s Medical Center’s Superhero Kids Fund is nowadays ready to meet the unexpected. Even though it may seem hard to go along with it, the event has taken up the US Money Reserve & co. in a way that never experienced before. The sponsored cows have been sold at a live auction on October 30, last year, with the help of some other sponsors like the ones listed below: the Embassy Suites, Schlotzsky’s and Whole Foods Market. In addition to the grateful sponsors, the location had been said to have been a great city that can perfectly suit such a colorful fundraising event. We truly believe that it matched the outcome expected, so there’s not a single question raised about the whole organization. As expected, the US Money Reserve has made a wonderful work as always, in partnership with the other sponsors. That’s one thing we can be proud of!

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