Which is the Best Router Table to Have at Home?

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The fact that there is a wide variety of router tables to choose from on the market makes it difficult to decide which model to purchase for your woodworking needs. But there are certain models that exceed their competitors by a long shot due to the fact that they offer more versatility and precision. To find out which is the best router table to have at home, take a look at our benchtop router table reviews and pick the one most suitable for your needs and which would bring you the most advantages.

Kreg PRS1045

The Kreg PRS1045 router table can be the newest addition to your workshop for the price of $500. The material that the stand is made from is steel. Therefore, you can rest assured that your money will be well spent on it because this router table will last for years. The MDF workplace is noise and vibration resistant to ensure increased accuracy. It’s compatible with most routers so you won’t have to give up on your favorite router if you purchase it. In addition, the 36-inch T-square style fence of this router table can be adjusted for a precise setup.


Customizable table height – from 29” to 35” due to adjustable legs
Features combination miter/T-track for increased versatility in use
Enhanced accuracy provided by easy-to-use measuring scale
Supports big workpieces – 24” by 32” table size
Easy and reliable setup – fence locks solidly

Bench Dog 40-001

Another amazing router table that we recommend you go with for home use is the Bench Dog 40-001 model. To buy it, you have to spend around $300. The clear acrylic insert of this model is compatible with most routers on the market. The laminate top offers strength and flatness to ensure that your woodworking projects will be of a superior quality when using this router table. According to most benchtop router table reviews, the best thing about the Bench Dog 40-0001 is the fact that it offers increased versatility due to the flexible and adjustable setup of the router table.


Adjustable aluminum miter accessory track fits standard gauges
Noise and dust reduction ensured by enclosed plywood cabinet design
Steel rails located underneath the plate enhance its stability
Rubber feet reduce slipping and vibrations
Big work surface – you can take up large projects with it

Bosch RA1181

We saved the best for last, and the Bosch RA1181 router table is hands down the best model on the market. It costs $180, which makes it a more affordable option than many of its competitors. The sturdy and dependable construction of the router table ensures it will last you for years. It’s compatible with most routers on the market. The starter pin and guard for router curved pieces that this model features make it very versatile. In addition, the rigid router mounting plate stays flat to offer increased accuracy. Therefore, you will surely upgrade your woodworking projects by using this router table.


Large aluminum top ensures job-site durability
Tall work pieces are supported by tall aluminum fence that features adjustable face plates
Adjustable featherboards provide kickback protection and extra guidance
Easy to keep clean – features a dust collection fort compatible with 2.5-inch vacuum hoses
Convenient placement of router accessories in the storage pocket

How Useful is a Router Table?

Your woodworking projects can go a lot smoother and your precision could see a major improvement, all with the sole addition of the router table. To remove any doubt regarding the usefulness of this purchase, read the following sections to see exactly why and when the routing table comes in handy.

    • Variety In Cutting

When you start piecing together your plan to reach the desired final result in your woodworking project, you think about cuts as well. If you take up projects that require more delicate or complicated cuts like grooves, slots, dadoes, or other types of cuts, your work will be considerably lessened by the routing table as you will have more stability when working.

    • Versatility when Handling Stock Shapes

When you have weird shaped stocks, there is a lot of work to be done to bring them to the needed shape for your project – the stock might be too long, too small, or too narrow. Instead of relying on the handsaw for handling weirdly shaped stock, use the routing table as it offers more precision in your cuts.

    • Easy Work with Templates

Precision is mandatory when taking up woodworking projects, but without a routing table, it is almost impossible to have it. This is especially true for beginners or hobbyists who take up these types of projects in their free time. Instead of failing at the project you worked so hard on and for so long, eliminate the possibility of failure by using the table.