Wine Cocktail Recipes


If you have a good wine, it may sound silly to mix it with other ingredients, as this can spoil its taste. But a well-thought and cool mixture can liven up any party in midsummer and a fresh white wine can be a good starting point for such a recipe. When you have a bad wine or a wine that is not to your taste, mixing it with other ingredients can become a great idea. A punch or a Spritzer can save the situation, maybe even be an inspired idea for a hot afternoon when any drink must be above all cold and hydrating.

Melon and wine cocktail

A great way of using white wine in cocktails is to mix it with fruit juice. Slice 500 g of melon, squeeze two limes and mix them with 100 ml apple juice and 200 ml of white wine for a tasty and refreshing cocktail. Mix the fruity ingredients in the blender, add crushed ice and serve with equal parts of white wine and lemonade.

Cocktail with wine and spices

This is the perfect beverage for any party, you can prepare it ahead and keep it in the fridge, and you can also serve it hot during cold days of winter. You will have to mix 100g of brown sugar, one anise, one cinnamon stick, four clove and 150 ml of water in a pan, boil until the sugar is melted and let the mix cool in a carafe. Add one sliced lemon, two clementines and 750 ml of red wine and serve with ice or orange peel.

White chiller

This recipe is great for white wine lovers and it is perfect for hot days of summer. You will need a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, a glass of tequila, a glass of lime juice and a glass of grapefruit juice. Mix them well, put in the fridge to let the flavors combine and serve with mineral water and mint leaves.

Cherry brandy and wine cocktail

If you like cherry brandy, you can reinvent it by mixing it with dry red wine, Sprite and lemon. This light beverage will be perfect for a night party where you want to impress your guests.

Summer Sangria

For this recipe, you will need a bottle of Cono Sur Varietal Gewurtztraminer, which is a special type of wine with strong flavors of exotic fruits. Mix the wine with half a glass of orange juice without pulp, two tablespoons of honey, a sliced green apple, a sliced lime and two sliced kiwis. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, let it cool in the fridge for four hours then add mineral water, ice and a few sprigs of thyme.

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