2012 Honda CBR1000RR


In 2008 Honda has surprised the fans and brought a Fireblade as the market wanted: sportier, lighter, more compact. Now four years have passed and in 2012 it’s time for a new Honda CBR1000RR.

The change is not as high as in 2008 and aesthetically it cannot be said to be more than a face-lift.  But below hulls is a different story. The engine is almost identical but has a larger flywheel and has been optimized for precise control especially to partial opening of the gas. Fireblade still remains one of the few super bikes without traction control system and without the possibility to change the management system map. Although it was rumored that CBR1000RR will receive a traction control system, Honda decided to keep the Fireblade on the liking of puritans.

In the transmission we see a new clutch ‘assisted’ derived used in the RC212V. This, besides the role of limiting the engine brake torque has also the role to increase the pressure on the plates during acceleration in force, thus they could use softer springs. The system is not necessarily new being similar with the ATPC from Ducati.

The 2012 Honda CBR1000RR has received suspensions with an internal upgrade that improves braking stability and front wheel feedback. The Fork has received the Big Piston system and the shock is double- tube type and allows an efficient control and reduces fading.

Moreover, the wheels with three arms, descending from the old 1000RR, were replaced with more sports ones with six branches in ‘Y’. The most interesting development is the board, which looks good on this last generation superbike. The 1000RR board is now 100% digital. For the first time we see a gear indicator and a series of lights that illuminate progressively before the recommended time to change the steps.

Without impressing by avant-garde solutions, the new CBR1000RR is for those who want to play a steady hand, to rely on a recognized model, even if technical solutions such as traction-control are not even offered as an option.

2012 Honda CBR1000RR Pictures Gallery