4 Famous Men Hairstyles


Men are beginning more and more to care about their appearance and their hairstyle. And they should, because the first impression matters and people spend more time looking at your head than any other parts of your body or clothes. A hairstyle change is a fast and inexpensive way to upgrade your look. Try these great 4 men hairstyles and reinvent yourself:

1. The Brad Pitt hairstyle

Brad has some of the most popular men hairstyles. This one is best for those with thick and straight hair. The first thing you need is a haircut with length on top and short sides and back. An experienced stylist is the right choice for a good quality trim. Ask him to highlight the hair with blonde shades if your hair is dark or light brown. Use a volumizing foaming mouse on the damp hair. Rub it on your palms and apply using the fingertips. You can grab locks and pinch them together for a messier look. Push the hair on one side of the head without combing it.

2. The Johnny Depp look

This is one of the men hairstyles that requires longer hair that falls just above the chin. Get a layered cut starting at ear level. Blow dry using a round brush and direct the ends inwards or away from the face. To add some style, use foaming pommade. Rub it on your palms and apply it using your fingertips from the roots to the ends. Johnny uses a fedora hat to complete the look.

3. Asthon Kutcher razor cut

If you have longer hair, ask the stylist to do a razor cut to about chin length with side bangs and layers. You can either brush your bangs straight so the hair touches your eyebrows or sweep them to one side. If your forehead is large this hairstyle is perfect. Before you blow dry, use hair gel on the wet hair. Add some wax after it is almost dry and style it with your fingers. For a messy look scatter the layers around the front of your face.

4. Tom Cruise style
Cut the hair so it fits the shape of the neck and head in the back and leave it longer in the front. Use a large roller brush to push back the front hair and be careful not to flatten it. Find product that combines hair gel and muse or do it yourself if you already have both products. Mix equal parts and rub them in your hands. Apply it on damp hair with your fingertips until it is even. Comb the hair and let it air dry or use a blow dryer if you are in a rush. Fix it with a non-sticky hair spray.