American football rules


In this article we are going to teach you the rules for playing American football. even though it hasn’t yet reach the popularity of soccer, especially since the World Cup is now playing in Brazil. For passionate bettors in particular, the World Cup is extremely popular, there being plenty of resources available on USA v Germany betting tips and other such support. This game includes downs, field goal attempts or simple passes from one another. The kicks or kickoffs are also part of this range.

The game is played between two teams made of 11 players. Every player has a certain role on the field and the game is made according to the tasks of the players. The main idea of the game is to gain as many points as possible, against the enemy team. You have to respect a certain time and if your team manages to be in control of the ball for as long as possible, the luck is on your side.

In case your team got the ball, it becomes the offense and has the right to 4 downs towards the “end zone” – the other side of the field.

The 4 downs have to end up with 10 yards advanced. If it doesn’t happen, the other team (called the defense) has to take the ball and repeat the moves.

Each game usually takes 60 minutes and is composed by 4 sets of 15 minutes. This time may vary. For example, the American football played in high school includes sets of 12 minutes. The person who is in charge of respecting the score is called referee and his mission is to stop the game anytime he notices mistakes or modifications in respecting the rules.

In case the time of playing has finished, it continues with overtime. If no one of the teams manages to score anything during another set of 15 minutes, the game ends. The overtime starts after have passed 3 minutes from the finish of the initial game.

Now we are going to explain you what a downed player is. It is actually the player that has the ball, but it becomes downed if he touches the field with his body – including ankles and wrists, apart from his members. This may include running into another player and touching him in a way that could harm his estate.

American football also has three timeouts every 30 minutes. After the overtime has started, the teams also are allowed to take timeouts. The game is fascinating and can turn on to impressive changes of situation if the players are professionals. A professional player is required to have knowledge about mens fitness workouts and diets, because this sport is one of the most demanding. Besides mens fitness programs, players have intense workouts that aim to develop physical fitness, endurance, muscle strength and stamina, football workouts are much more intense, pushing the limits of the team members. Whether you play it or you are a simple viewer, it will totally catch your attention! Moreover, American football is so popular, that it is the target of worldwide online sports betting, bringing viewers and fans either huge winnings or great monetary losses. Nevertheless, when the stakes are so high, when the performance is so amazing and spectacular, and the athletics so impressive, it’s no wonder that online sports betting occurs. Take a look at what’s going on with the World Cup now, when bookmakers are overwhelmed with the number of bettors trying to make a profit, looking for USA v Germany betting tips or any other predictions they might be interested in. So if you’re good at statistics and understanding how to sport works, you might have some chances of winning as well. Try it right now and you will see!