Apple Cider Vinegar

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Whenever we look for free medical advice online, we always come across the use of apple cider vinegar. This is a natural remedy that is used to fight numerous health problems. Throughout history numerous civilizations have used it in various ways such as healing elixir, disinfectant, condiment, deodorant, strength potion or preserver of youth. Nowadays the popularity of this vinegar has increased due to its alleged weight loss properties. Although there is little scientific proof of apple cider vinegar weight loss miracles, a lot of celebrities and pharmaceutical companies are promoting it as a wonder ingredient in weight loss programs.

Although there are no conclusive proofs that support the apple cider vinegar weight loss properties, one can’t argue that this natural elixir is full of health benefits. First of all it is rich in potassium which makes it great for building muscles and adjusting the heart activity. It is also rich in acetic acid which can help stabilize the glucose levels after meals. Furthermore certain studies claim that it can help maintain proper pH levels, it improves bowel problems, removes toxins from the body and it can even slow down the growth of cancer cells. The fact that this vinegar has been used for thousands of years is proof alone that it is a healthy product that should be part of our daily diet. However keep in mind that it is a highly acid substance that can irritate the throat and interact with certain prescription drugs therefore if you are suffering from a medical condition you should ask your doctor’s advice on the vinegar. Furthermore make sure to wash your teeth after consuming it as the vinegar is very strong and can affect your teeth. Another important tip is to only use raw organic vinegar in order to benefit from all its nutrients.

Although it has a lot of health benefit, in the present people are only interested in the apple cider vinegar weight loss solutions. According to certain celebrities consuming a couple of teaspoons a day of AVC can help you lose weight by restraining your crave for sweets and powering the body to break fats faster. According to a study published in 2005 in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition” apple cider vinegar can increase the sensation of a full stomach thus making you eat less. It is believed that the vinegar helps the body lose weight by stabilizing the blood sugar for a longer period. Certain nutritionist recommend ingesting one teaspoon of vinegar before each meal and increasing the quantity gradually until you reach 3 teaspoons. In order to make it taste better you can add it in water and sweeten it with Stevia or you can mix it with a natural juice. However, remember to always ask for your doctor’s opinion before trying out any free medical advice that you come across online. While most natural remedies are harmless, abusing certain ingredients can have health consequences, especially if you already suffer from a medical condition. Remember that the key to a healthy lifestyle is moderation.

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