Arranging and decorating tables at wedding


Arranging the tables at the wedding party depends on many factors, one and the most important of them is the number of guests. The party may depend a lot on the arrangement of the tables; therefore you can use the following tips to decorate your guest tables in a beautiful style.

First you need to know where the wedding will take place, to know how you will decorate it. You can do an outdoor wedding or an indoor one. No matter how you decide you must inform yourself, what capacity is in that place, to have room for all guests and  to know exactly how many tables you have available if you want to do an outdoor wedding.

Also, counts the size and shape of tables, if you can move them or not, how many seats have, you should be informed if you are allowed to decorate the room and tables or you are imposed rules. What is important is to have enough seats for guests. Once you have this information you can decide where you do the wedding.

Arranging the tables and seating the guests are important. Tables can be arranged in U-shape, which is found often, but guests cannot move freely around the tables and they cannot move to other tables next to other guests. Ideally is that tables to be placed in a square or circle, with space between them for freer movement. The bride and bridegroom are seated at the head table all the time or at the most visible part of the room. Tables can be arranged also in small groups, or you can use your ideas and imagination.

Try to arrange the tables in various ways to see which one is the best choice for your wedding and think that guests should have room to move freely between tables without having to constantly bother others when they get up.

Once you’ve decided how you arrange the tables and you did the list with the settlement of guests at the tables, you can move to decorating them and the room. The colors of the tablecloths, flowers and balloons used for decoration must match, but you should use two complementary colors, usually the colors of your wedding bouquet.

The tables can be decorated with embroidered tablecloths, silk napkins and embroidered with the initials of the bride and bridegroom, with candles and flower arrangements and so on. Everything depends on the budget, how much the bride and bridegroom want to invest in ornaments for the wedding. However, there is no need to load the tables for guests to have enough space to eat and be able to freely communicate with the table neighbor.