Balloon wedding decorations


Choosing balloons as decorations for the reception can be an elegant order. Although we do not always think of balloons as a sophisticated décor, these can be admirable works of art for modern wedding receptions.

Guests can enter the reception under a wedding bridge more than simple, made ​​with balloons. Alternatively, you can have wide paths which guests have to pass them through, made ​​of painted balloons. The ideas include: hearts, stars, wedding bells, swans, butterflies, maple leaves.

Couples who want a traditional bridge can also arrange it. See the bridge as reflecting the main theme, like a colored rainbow arch or vine and ivy in the arch form. At the circular staircase areas put balloons bound up the banisters that float to the ceiling and welcome the guests. The entire gallery can be created for the guests and the bride and groom to pass through there before entering the ballroom or dance floor.

Balloons can add interest and attraction as wedding table decorations. Save money by tying the wedding balloons at different heights to protect them and placing them in the center of the table. Balloons can be also used to create a central floral arrangement, a central candle or even to frame a wedding decorative sculpture. Hang a small bouquet of balloons in the center of the seat cover in the place of the traditional bow.

Create a unique appearance for the cake table with balloons. Latex balloons can be shaped in the cake’s frosting. Illuminate the entire area, a canopy supported by columns and a tulle covering from three sides, will create a special space for cutting the cake.

Order photo balloons with pictures of the bride and groom over the years to create a pleasant area of recollection. Place the balloons along the wall, in chronological order, on two lines – one of the bride and one of the groom. Gradually the two lines will meet, as they get closer to the moment the couple will find. Continue along the entire wall, ending with the balloon that has the most recent photo.

In the end, using your imagination, you will surely have the most wonderful and original balloon wedding decorations, for your special day.