Basic instructions on how to draw graffiti


Graffiti is a concept that implies illicit displays of visual art or messages in public spaces. Most common types of graffiti include messages but various artist choose this method in order to express real art. The most common instruments used to make such drawings include spray paint and markers and the canvas is replaced by various city elements such as walls, trains or billboards. By using this method people can transmit political messages, musical preferences as well as random artistic concepts. If you want to learn how to draw graffiti we will guide you through a few simple instructions.

The first thing to do before even thinking about spray painting a wall is make a sketchbook. This way you can save all of your ideas and you can draw whenever you feel inspired without being conditioned by having a perfect location and perfect timing. Also this will be a great way to practice until you truly learn how to draw graffiti. Once you become an expert you can take your talent to public spaces.

When you learn how to draw graffiti you must start with drawing letters. While there are some styles that you learn from tutorials, you must understand that graffiti is a type of art therefore you should not limit yourself to copying the style of someone else. If you only intend to write a message without adding additional elements you must give special attention to every letter . You can use round shapes of straight lines. Furthermore the letters can be unified within the word or they can be separated. Shadows also play an important part especially if you want the letters to look three-dimensional. For a 3-d look draw a point in space at a small distance away from your letter and then unite all the corners of the letter to that point. This way you can visualize the letter in space and you can make an accurate 3-d representation. You can also control the depth of the drawing. Once you are done with the letter erase the point and the lines leading to it.

Graffiti is often unaccompanied by abstract art. In order to make beautiful drawing you should familiarize yourself with the concepts of abstract art. Vibrant contrasting colors will inspire powerful feelings and emotion and will make your statement more obvious. As your graphic skills advance you must learn to draw more complex elements such as characters. Graffiti characters are often disproportionate and focus on expression due to the fact that most graffiti art is accompanied by messages. Give special attention to the eyebrows and the lips as they are the main element that influence the expression. Furthermore contours and deep shades are also things that you must master if you want to learn how to draw graffiti characters.