Dip dye hair

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It comes a time in everyone’s life when we want something new, something of what we can be proud of. We don’t usually have a limit when it comes to our own appearance, but we should impose one – not to end our changing, but to stop before ruining all of it. In this case, taking care of your hair for at least a month to get it all healthy before the process itself I required. Here are some tips to help you get going:

First of all, take some kind of timing. By this way, you will know for sure for how long you have dyed your hair, so that your work won’t be ruined in just a second. Also, if you chose to dye your own hair at home, be careful to have a person to get you a hand or at least, a back mirror so that you will be able to see the parts where you have already applied the color. Good; after you have ticked all the tips until here, get yourself a cleaned large area where you can work in peace, for instance, the bathroom. Take your hair in sections, and after opening the dye color, be sure you have read the tips on how to dip dye hair which usually are written on one or the other part from the box of the product.

If you did it, then you should probably know that there is a pair of gloves, made of latex or just an impermeable material which will keep your hands off from the coloring area. The next step is covered by the dipping the dye and also, the double-checking over the color you have applied on your hair every several minutes. You don’t want to get your hair over-blenched just to get a gradient effect, it’s not worth it. Ok, after you do it and the timing written on the box has finished, get yourself off the gloves and wash up your hair, in order to see the result. Still, if your wish was to get a radiant blonde from a dark brown, be sure you apply the color for more than once, as there might happen to mismatch it. And voila! There goes the old appearance, and here comes the new modern look you have probably always craved for, but not anymore!

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