Duck Hunting Tips

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A duck hunt can be a great experience if you are properly prepared for it. The great thing about such a hunt is that things never get boring. Furthermore if you do this with a friend or even with your trusted dog you are bound to have a lot of fun. However you need to document yourself thoroughly before embarking on this adventure. The last thing you want is to freeze or to shoot the wrong birds.

Before you engage in any type of hunt you need to be aware of firearm safety measures. You should also attend a shooting class in order to improve your shooting skills. Next you need to some research in order to be able to recognize different birds. The best thing to do is grab a pair of binoculars and go on a few birdwatching trips. When trying to identify waterfowl birds focus on size, colors, patterns as well as flocking behavior.

A duck hunt can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors. However this only happens if you have proper clothing otherwise you might risk hypothermia. The best duck hunting tips start with the proper equipment. As ducks love water make sure that you have basic water proof equipment such as insulated neoprene waders and a waterfowl parka. When you are preparing the decoys protect your hands with neoprene gloves with a long cuff. Furthermore make sure that your camouflage is adequate for your local area. According to various studies ducks have a better perception of colors than humans therefore make sure that your camouflage covers you from head to toe.

As a new hunter you also need to familiarize yourself with various ways of attracting the birds. Buying a duck call can be quite complicated especially if this your first time duck hunting adventure. There are different calls for each species therefore the best thing to do is seek the help of a professional when purchasing a duck call. Although calling is essential if at one point you find it to be useless you should give up. Instead you can focus on the decoy in order to attract the ducks. Motion decoys are the best because they are more realistic but if you find them to be too expensive you can add motion yourself to standard decoys with the use of strings. A great trick is to use a plastic sheet in order to mimic a water hole. Sprinkle it with some water and add a couple of weeds around the edges and you might just fool the ducks.

A dog is a great duck hunting companion and retrievers are the best. They do a great job retrieving hard to find ducks as well as those who have fallen in deep water. However keep in mind the fact that a dog is a big responsibility and you should carefully consider whether or not you are ready for it. If you do decide to get a dog make sure you train him with the decoys so that he isn’t fooled by them.