Enjoy Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch


Have you ever wondered a horogic watch? Who does not, actually… but how many of us could have enter in the possession of such a masterpiece? Well, if you haven’t succeed it yet, it is still plenty of time, and another Swiss Company, Aquadive, has released its new product, the Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch. It is known that Switzerland is the land of the most accurate time provided. So, it would have been strange for it not to release a hit on the time market.

Designed in a classical style of the 60s vintage driver’s models, this limited edition of less that 100 numbered pieces has modeled its power by a Swiss made self-winding ETA 2824-2 movement. Also, it has a diameter of 36 mm, 41 mm length and 14 mm high, which provide both elegance and light appearance. As the Christmas time is here, it would be one of the best gifts you could make to a beloved. In addition, because of its reputation, it never gets old and also it become more and more expensive as years go on. You can compare it even with the legendary Rolex, which is known for its long life on the highest place.

However, the Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch is water-free and it can resist down to 200 feet. It has incorporated 25 jewels and this new model is reamed with a canvas NATO style strap, which is finalized buy an undoubtedly stainless steel buckle. In some cases, it can come with an original NOS black Tropical strap, which with the original Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch receives a one-year warranty. Being the most wanted as the top 10 shows us, the Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch has usually a high price and it can be seen as a long time investment, which will provide you with the doubled sum spent on it years ago.

The last but not the least advantage of it is that it will always provide elegance and simplicity, and it can be worn by any man who is up for beautiful vintage accessories. This new Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Watch released has a classic aluminum insert, so that the model’s face is made of adomed crystal in heslite, metal usually used in wristwatches. As well as its reputation, it will provide you with a touch of inspiration at every time of the year.

Enjoy Aquadive Vintage NOS Diver Pictures