Rhythm Studio App for iPad


Most musicians are a little reluctant when it comes to the Rhythm Studio App for iPad because they say that you can not do music on an iPad.  Many of these musicians are very experienced in the art of online mixing and online mastering, which is why they might be a little reluctant about this app. They are somewhat right but this application was made for those who want to make their own music. Imagine that you can have drums and classic synths on your tablet. The Rhythm Studio App for iPad is the future music studio for musicians, you have a set of synthesizers and very easy to listen to. With this you can start you music projects if you do not have the possibility to go to a studio.

The developer of the Rhythm Studio App for iPad is PulseCode Inc . They created the most useful application for the iPad as far as music is concerned. You have the music electronic maker that offers you a wide range of sounds and a lot of beautiful graphics. The app is mainly for electronic music and it has a drum machine and classic synths. To be more exact it has a TR-808 drum machine and a TB-303 synth . You can see how it works online, you will have a video demo and screenshots at your disposal.

There are three ways you can create songs on you iPad and they are:
• Use the step sequencer like the real hardware
• Use the Control Pad to play the synths live
• Instantly create a random pattern

The Rhythm Studio App for iPad is very easy to use. When you launch the app all you have to do is use the buttons and the effects given in order to create the song you want to. For iPad 2 you will also have an FX Mixer, an X/Y control pad and a sample based synthesizer. It is definitely something that any DJ who enjoys his online mastering activities might find entertaining.

After you have finished your work on the Rhythm Studio App for iPad you can save it and export it on iTunes. At the same time you have the possibility to import past projects you have stored on iTunes. You can download the application from the online store and you have to pay 0.99 $. It is a small price for such a fun, useful application. If you are a musician and you can not afford to go every time you get inspired at the studio you should download the app. You will make great music with the help of this music app, the Rhythm Studio App for iPad.