Fantasy Basketball


A lot of teenager boys dream of being professional basketball players or being the managers of a professional team. As they grow older they find it quite hard to let go of that dream. As passionate supporters of this game a lot of men indulge into endless debates about the best players and strategies. More often than not, the passion for a sport goes beyond watching games on TV or seeing them live. Avid basketball fans invest in memorabilia, buy official gear from websites like and do everything they can to meet their favourite players. Sometimes, basketball is more a way of life than a sport. If you are one of the many men who dreams of managing a basketball team we have the best solution for you. Fantasy basketball is a great way to exploit your passion for this game. You can experience how it would feel like to actually be in charge of a team. Furthermore some fantasy games even award money prizes to winning teams.

Sports video games are very popular due to the fact that they give you the opportunity to play with your favorite teams. However when it comes to video games the result of a game is decided by the player’s ability to control the game. On the other hand fantasy games use real facts and statistics in order to determine the result of the game. Therefore in order to win a game you must have a lot of knowledge about the skills of real life players. As a team manager you are awarded points according to the statistics generated by the real players. At the end of a season, the team with the most points wins.

According to the drafting methods and the competing rules there are a few main categories of fantasy basketball. A draft vs. auction is the most common category. In such a competitions the team managers take turns in selecting players. In an auction each team has a certain budget that they can use in order to acquire players. Other categories include: rotisserie vs. fantasy points, head to head vs. cumulative scoring and daily vs. weekly transactions.

In order to measure the results of a team there are used certain statistics. Amongst the most popular types of statistics are the points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, three-pointers, field goal percentage and free throw percentage. A normal fantasy basketball team includes the following types of players: a point guard, a shooting guard, a guard, a forward, a small forward, a power forward, two centers and one utility player. Although some leagues also allow bench players, these do not influence the team’s statistics.

Given the popularity of basketball it makes sense that its fantasy version would also be very beloved especially if we take into account the popularity of the internet. There are even some web pages that are solely dedicated to providing information for fantasy games. On this sites you will find accurate statistics, scouting reports, news, projections, league information as well as drafting and strategies advice.