3 Mothers Day Crafts for Kids


Mothers day is a celebration that honors motherhood and maternal bonds. Celebrate your mother with these 3 fun mothers day crafts! Show her how special she is with a handmade gift that she would surely prefer over store bought presents.

1. Foam flowers

For the happy foam flowers you will need different sized foam flower stickers, colored pom poms, low temp glue gun, green card stock, colored card stock, pencil, pipe cleaners, hole punch.
1. Match 3 or 4 flower stickers with a pom pom. Layer them on top of each other with the bigger one at the bottom and the smallest one on top.
2. Glue them together, starting with the center of the flower and continuing with each petal. Glue the pom pom in the middle of the little flower.
3. Make another flower using same sticker patter or a different one. You can glue each petal to the sides of the pom pom if you want to create a different look.
4. Draw leaf shapes on the green card stock and glue them on the back of the flowers.
5. Glue a pipe cleaner on the back of the flower for the stem.
6. Cut a 2 inch by 4 inch piece out of the colored card stock and write messages on it. Punch two holes on the 2 inch side and push it on the pipe cleaner stem. You have a lovely foam flower for your mother!

2. Personalized apron

This is a great mothers day crafts idea for those mothers that like to cook. You need a pastel colored or white apron, fabric paint, plastic plate and some fabric markers.
1. Wash the apron and let it dry to prevent first wash shrinkage. Place some old newspapers on your work surface so it won’t run through.
2. Squeeze some paint on the plastic plate. You can use one color or combine more. Have your kid dip one hand or both in the paint and place them on the apron. Wash hands.
3. After the paint is dry write messages under the hand prints and the date.

3. Bath salt jar

Every mother will love this relaxing bath salt jar, on of the simplest mothers day crafts ideas. You need bath salt, paste food coloring (2 colors), essential oil powder, a piece of fabric and ribbon.
1. Put half of the bath salt into a bowl and add 2 drops of essential oil for every cup of salt and some food coloring (one color). Mix it well and repeat procedure with the other half, adding a different color.
2. Pour the salt into 2 inch layers until the jar is full.
3. Cover the lid of the jar with the piece of fabric and use the ribbon to tie it. Surprise your mother with this lovely gift!