3 Crafts for Toddlers


These 3 crafts for toddlers are a great way to stimulate the imagination and create something unique you will definitely hold on to for years to come!

1. Spring tulips
What you need for this craft: paper plates, scissors, white card stock, colored card stock, paint, paint brush, glue, green marker, pencil.
1. On the back of the paper plate use different colored paint and make a pattern, or just splash it around. Let it dry.
2. Cover the white card stock with green paint and green marker making dots or stripes.
3. On the front of the paper plate draw a tulip shape using the pencil and cut it out with the scissors.
4. On the back of the white card stock draw stem and leaves shapes and cut them out.
5. Cover the back of the tulip, stem and leaves shapes with glue and glue them on the colored card stock.
6. Leave the glue to dry and enjoy your spring tulip!

2. Feather paintings

These easy crafts for toddlers will result into some great paintings to hang in your house! The Feather paintings are fun and easy to make. You just need feathers, glue, paper , plastic plates and tempera paint.
1. Squeeze some tempera paint on the plastic plates.
2. Add some glue and mix them together
3. Dip the feathers into the paint and brush onto the paper.
4. After you finished painting the whole surface add a few feathers to the paper and leave to dry. You can also use flowers, leaves or anything else you like.

3. Fish and butterflies baggies

The fish and butterflies crafts for toddlers make great decorations or toys. You need zip-lock baggies, construction paper, 2 wiggly eyes, rubber band, scotch tape, scissors and 1 pipe cleaner.
1. Cut the extra baggie above the zipper.
2. Make little squares from the construction paper and crumple them into balls.
3. Fill the baggies with the paper balls until it is 2/3 full and seal it after squeezing excess air.
4. For the fish, pinch a few inched from the zipper and tie it with the rubber band. That is the fish tail. Glue the wiggly eyes to the opposite side of the zipper.
5. For the butterfly, pinch the bag in the middle and secure it with the pipe cleaner. Make sure the 2 ends of the pipe cleaner have the same length and then point them up and roll the ends inwards for the antenna look. Have fun playing with your new butterfly and fish!