Fantasy Hockey Leagues

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Fantasy Hockey is a fictional sport where players can create fantasy teams with real players. The purpose of the game is to win as many points of possible. In order to do this you must have a good knowledge of hockey as the point system is based on real statistics. Furthermore there are a number of leagues that you can join and they all have different rules therefore they require different strategies. Playing such a game is a great experience because it actually feels like you are the manager of a professional hockey team.

A head-to-head is the most common type of fantasy league. In this competition each player has a one on one confrontation with a different player every week. Each match has several categories for comparing players. In order to win a player must win more categories than his opponent. There are two types of match ups that can be done in such a league. In most cases a winner is awarded one win. However an other option is to award the winner a record based on the number of categories that he has won. For example if a player wins 7 our of 13 categories he will be awarded a 7-6 win whereas the looser will receive a 6-7 record.

A keeper league is also called a Dynasty league. Such a fantasy hockey competition is different from all others because it offers the possibility of keeping certain players for an indefinite period of time. However such a league requires a specific strategy. You can either choose to keep your old players or you can take the chance to discover new talents. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before making this decisions. Be aware of the players’ age, health and contract deals.

Another type of fantasy hockey league is a Points league. In such a competition players strive to win as many points possible in certain categories. Each category has a number of points and the total score of a player is represented by the sum of his results in each section. Other popular leagues are the Express and the Rotisserie. The Express works in a similar manner as the Points league, the only difference being the fact that the players are allowed a shorter time frame. In a Rotisserie teams are ranked from the best to the worst and they can receive from 1 to 10 points per category.