Flowers Without Sunlight

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It is a well-known fact that plants require light in order to produce energy and therefore flower. But what happens to flowers without sunlight? Do they grow or die?

Even if they are mostly recognized for their beauty, flowers are in fact the reproductive organs of the plant. Like the plant itself, the lack of sunlight for a larger period of time will negatively affect flowers.

Flowers without sunlight will eventually die, as well as the entire plant if the light deficiency lasts more. The lack of light will make the existing flowers wilt, shrivel then turn brown or black. The amount of time for flowers without sunlight to shrivel varies, as there are plants able to resist more than others do. Generally, a plant that is larger can go longer without sunlight before it gets totally damaged. This happens because they can tolerate shade for longer, as they are capable of storing more energy from the sun. On the other hand, smaller plants survive only for a couple of days without sunlight and they die. Still, there are some exceptions. For example, the resurrection plant, a Selaginella species, resists for several years without sunlight by diminishing its metabolic process to minimum.

Flowers without sunlight do not die because they need the light, but because they are dependent on the plant and the plant itself needs the light to survive. Without sunlight, the plant itself cannot produce energy that makes flowers grow and bloom. The plant transforms sunlight or simulated sunlight into vital elements and distributes them to all its parts, including the flowers. If flowers do not receive energy from the plant, they die. Excessive sunlight can also be bad, it depends on the plant species.

Nocturnal flowers are a special category that does not need sunlight. They bloom and open up only during the night because their pollination is made by nighttime pollinators like moths or bats. Still, they depend on the sunlight because they depend on the plant itself. Nocturnal flowers use the energy acquired by the plant during daytime.

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