Having a bitcoin stash? Here’s what can you but with it!

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You might have had a visionary mind back in 2009 and invested in some bitcoins. Good for you! Now you have some decent money for you and your family. But you may still not know how exactly you could spend it. Well, good news for you, since more than 100,000 merchants worldwide accept bitcoin payments for their services or products. From techy devices to everyday objects, your options are wide when it comes to using this particular type of currency. Below we have some ways in which you can spend the financial celebrity of the moment, the Bitcoin. Besides keeping a close eye on your currency by using dedicated cryptocurrency charts and trading those, you can use them for a variety of everyday purposes.

Online retailers offer the possibility of making bitcoin payments

A variety of online stores allow their clients to purchase physical good using cryptocurrency. For instance, US-based Microsoft clients can pay a variety of services using Bitcoin. Apps, videos and games that are developed by the giant in the industry, Xboxes and Windows phones, these all can be purchased if the customer uses bitcoins to deposit money into their accounts. Dell is another large corporation in IT that allows bitcoin payments, and Overstock is already notorious for accepting bitcoin payments. If you are not familiar with the platform, you must know that Overstock retails almost anything, from furniture to electronics, jewellery and toys. And while the prices on the platform are expressed in dollars, the platform allows customers to use their BTC in order to finish the orders placed.

Airline operators also allow their clients to make payments in BTC, AirBaltic being the first operator to introduce this option, back in 2015. Although some extra charges were applied for BTC payments, the company doesn’t charge extra for these nowadays, so you can have your peace of mind. Also, Air Lituanica developed a BTC payment system as well. Travel booking platforms also accept BTC as a payment currency, the most popular platform of this kind being a California-based platform.

If you are a beer lover that also happens to have some BTC in their “wallets”, you will certainly enjoy the news that some craft beer manufacturers also offer the option of making cryptocurrency payments.

Book hotel rooms and accommodation

You will be very pleased to find out that many hotels and accommodation facilities also accept cryptocurrency payment options, and this will save you plenty of headaches when it comes to searching for currency exchange establishments, not to mention their fees and commissions. Also, you won’t have to carry around too much cash, if you are the type of person to always worry about the safety of their wallet while travelling. Large hotel chains introduced in 2015 this option, and until now it was successfully embraced by smaller players in the industry.

Food and beverages

Yes, certain restaurants will also allow you to pay your bills using BTC, and this is more than pleasing to hear, if you have some. If you want to identify with more ease such establishments in the areas that you visit, you can use a dedicated mapping tool. A reliable option is Coinmap, but also Bitcoin.Travel. The British and German travel and accommodation industry seem to be more dedicated to implementing such payment options. It’s always good to know that you don’t have to always carry around cash just to pay your restaurant bill, which while travelling, might prove quite of a challenge.

Buy various services with BTC

Cable operators, satellite service providers, big publications, these all implemented BTC payment methods. One of the largest US-based satellite service operator implemented since 2015 such options, as well as the Chicago Sun-Times. Also, you will be pleased to find out that you can not only subscribe to various news platforms, but also enjoy some generous discounts from property listing websites if you make payments using this cryptocurrency. If you are in the search of a new friend, you can use your crypto wallet to pay for your OKCupid premium subscription as well.

Online-based educational platforms also allow their users to pay for the purchased services with this type of currency. Treehouse is one of those platforms.

Tech service providers allow cryptocurrency payments

This should be quite obvious, since this type of currency is a staple of the tech world. You will be interested to find out that platforms such as Spotify, Steam and XBoxLive allow their subscribers to make payments using this option. The online tech services community is one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin because of obvious reasons.

Charities also accept Bitcoin as donations

It’s always great to contribute to a cause that you support. If you don’t know any other good ways to spend your BTC, charity donations may be the answer for you. Various NGOs implemented such payment systems, a starter in the industry being a UK-based NGO, the starter of the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice. Also, a Florida-based NGO that offers shelter and food for the homeless is currently accepting Bitcoin donations.

Reddit, the social media platform of our days also allows users to reward others by giving them “Gold” (Bitcoin). So, if you liked that witty comment or a user has an interesting story or unfortunate circumstance, you can always make their day better.

As you can see, you can easily use this type of currency in your everyday life. Make sure that you always keep a close eye on trends and follow the prices. However, if you don’t already have your own stash of bitcoin, it may be too late for you to start investing in these now. It means that you must make too much of a financial effort, and the infrastructure will also cost you a lot. However, you could try to speculate it, but the chances for a great deal in the present time are quite slim.