How to Achieve The Jennifer Aniston Style

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Jennifer Aniston is a trendsetter since the 90s. She always looks gorgeous and knows how to brighten a room. The actress is the idea of fashion perfection, but what does is take to achieve the Jennifer Aniston style?

First of all, you must start working your body. Jennifer has the body every woman wants, toned and strong, but still feminine. She meets three times a week with her personal trainer and yoga guru Mandy Ingber. Mandy helped her incorporate yoga in her normal fitness routine, with sessions that include a combination of both yoga and cardio exercises. The actress noticed that her arms were getting stronger and she felt better on the inside after just a month of yoga. She even supported the launch of her instructor’s new book “Yogalosophy: 28 Days To The Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover”. Ingber considers that the key to a great body begins with learning how to love yourself by taking 10 minutes daily to just sit and concentrate on breathing. She recommends a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and avoiding sugar. You can start with a Level 1 Beginner yoga class and try at least 4 types of classes to see what you like more.

The star from “Friends” became a cultural phenomenon in the 90’s, with her constantly changing hairstyles. Jennifer’s hair is in a natural shade of blonde and always looks amazing. Her personal stylist says that the Jennifer Aniston’s style is “sexy”, “pretty”, and her hair looks as if it grew just like that. She never uses flatirons and curling irons, working only with the natural texture. You can use a soft curl and a round brush for a natural-looking hairstyle. Jennifer likes messy buns, ponytails and loose braids on both sides. She washes her hair daily with a shampoo and conditioner produced by her stylist. Every six weeks, Jenn cuts her hair and in between the visits she lets it dry on it’s own and doesn’t rip it when she brushes. In 2013, she showed up wearing a pony tail and a face-framing bang.

To achieve a Jennifer Aniston style, you must wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Aniston refuses to wear anything that doesn’t make the most of her appearance. When you are trying something on, if you don’t love everything about it, save the money and don’t buy it. The star wears leather jackets, jeans and scarf, nothing very special, but the secret is how you combine various clothing items. If she is showing off a lot of skin, Jenn likes to simplify the outfit and remove any unnecessary accessories. The bags and shoes must be in the same tone as the dress for a classy tastefully look.