Street Style Inspiration

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When it comes to fashion inspiration you can find no better decor that the street. This is the catwalk for teenagers, students, career women or fashionable mums. Whether you are taking a coffee break at Starbucks or you are riding the subway you will definitely see some great outfits. The best thing about street style is that it knows no boundaries. Although it is inspired by current fashion trends it is deeply influenced by the personal taste of each individual women. Unlike red carpet or photo-shoot outfits, the street outfits are not created but stylists but by common women and they evoke the eternal love story between women and fashion.

Street style can be elegant, casual, delicate, extravagant and mysterious. On the town streets we can see powerful career women in high heels wearing office outfits. We can see delicate first day dresses, sexy clubbing outfits as well as relaxed boho chic park stroll outfits. One influential factor on this type of fashion is the region or the country where it is displayed. In England you are bound to see a check pattern every once in a while. Paris will always have delicate and romantic outfits and New York, well The Big Apple is a fashion Jungle where all styles meet.

The street style is also influenced by the weather conditions and even when the sun is not shinning women still struggle to display their individual styles. If a while ago umbrellas were just a necessity nowadays they can be a distinctive accessory so don’t be surprised to see that on rainy days women match their umbrellas to their purses. In the summer there are various fashion tendencies. No matter the trends the hottest season will always be an opportunity to wear some well known clothes and accessories such as playful mini skirts, colorful maxi skirts, big hats and relaxed tank tops.

The street styles from around the world also reflect another essential detail. More and more men are taking an interest into their wardrobe. The difference between men and women is that men usually like to stick with a particular style. On the wild city streets you will see cool geek styles,elegant businessmen, vintage motorcyclists, hip hop enthusiasts, preppy styles, working men, Italian styles, sports men and so on. Unlike women who are fashion chameleons, a man’s personality is deeply reflected by his wardrobe and there’s no better place to view a variety of men than on the city streets.