How to grow asparagus


If you will follow some simple rules you will notice that cultivating asparagus isn’t that hard. If you want to know how to grow asparagus than you should know that you will need a well drained soil that holds the water. If you want to know very well how to grow asparagus than you should avoid clay soils and planting in frosty periods, because this will kill the plant. The best result that you can get from asparagus is when they are grown in full sun.

This is how to grow asparagus: from seeds or you can buy from your local garden centre one year old plants, known as crowns, and also cultivate asparagus from them. The cheapest method of growing asparagus is from seeds but it also takes you some extra time and also an extra year to get a crop. Growing from seeds will be a success almost any time but growing from crowns can be a failure.

Now that you know how to grow asparagus from seeds the next step is to prepare the soil from autumn. You will have to dig the entire area and clean removing from it all kind of weeds. If you will notice that the soil isn’t well drained you can add some lots of compost or some grit. If you want to find out how to grow asparagus from crowns successful, than you should know that you will better plant them in mid-April.

Dig out a trench 25cm deep by 30cm wide for each row of asparagus. The bottom 8cm should be filled with well-rotted compost and after that must be covered with the soil forming a ridge. This is the best technical method of how to grow asparagus.

In mid-March feed the plants with a general purpose fertilizer and you should do that again in mid autumn. The plants will need a form of support to avoid the wind damage while they are growing. You should cut the plants down to 5cm in autumn when you see that the foliage turns brown or yellow. By doing all these steps you will be successful in your lesson of how to grow asparagus.

The young asparagus shoots can be eaten by the slugs, so they are a problem. Another pest for asparagus that attacks sometimes is the Asparagus Beetle. This is like 8mm long and black with yellow spots on them. You can pick up them individually if they aren’t so many, but if they will get too numerous, you can weekly spray with derris. In the autumn you should burn any foliage which is cut down because these pests over-winter in the soil and debris around the plants and can damage the asparagus plants. So hope this article will help you to find out how to grow asparagus for the first time.