How to grow mushrooms


Probably it’s a mystery for you and you would like to know how to grow mushrooms in your own garden. They are usually grown indoors and you also can grow them at home. You can cultivate mushrooms by buying growing kits or you can also set up your own area for mushrooms.

If you want to know how to grow mushrooms then the first step is to choose the kind of mushroom that you want to cultivate. Shitake, oyster and white button mushrooms are just some popular choices for home growing mushrooms.

The second step in how to grow mushrooms is to buy spore or spawn from reputable dealers from the internet. For growing home mushrooms you can use the spores as seeds and the spawns as seedlings. The easiest method that will teach you how to grow mushrooms is to use spawn.

You will have to learn how to grow mushrooms for each type of it. On hardwood sawdust or hardwoods are normally grown shitake mushrooms. The oyster mushrooms are grown on straw and on composted manure are grown the white button mushrooms.

After choosing the type of mushroom, the next steps that you have to learn of how to grow mushrooms depend on buying the spore or the spawn and having the preferred growing medium for every type. You will need a dark, cool, damp place for growing your mushroom. If you don’t have a basement for this you can also use a closet or an unused cabinet. You can use any place where you can create near darkness and you can also control the temperature and the humidity is perfect for growing mushrooms.

The next tip of how to grow mushrooms after finding the growing place is to place the growing medium in a pan and with a heating pad rise the temperature of the area to about 70F. After doing this place the spawn on the growing medium. After three weeks the spawn that you’ve placed in the growing medium must have “rooted”, and that means that the filaments of the spawn should have spread into the growing medium.

After noticing the filaments of the spawn you should fix the temperature between 55F and 60F, this temperature being the best for growing mushrooms. With an inch of potting soil you will have to cover the spawn. After that cover with a damp cloth cover the soil and pan. Also you will have to spray that cloth with water as it dries.

After 3-4 weeks some little mushrooms should appear. When the cap of the mushroom is fully opened it means that it is ready for harvesting.

Hope that this article cleared your mind of how to grow mushrooms in your home!