How to grow garlic


If you feel sad and want to do something that improves your general mood, start planting garlic. It is funny and easy and it does not take too much time. Don’t you know how to grow garlic?

First of all, allow us to give you some specific information about this plant. It is part of the allium family, together with leeks and shallots. Onions are part of them too. It can be found on the market as seeds and these ones create the bulbs. The latter are grown into the soil and create some specific leaves right above ground. It does not mean these represent the harvest!

In general, garlic is considered to be a Mediterranean ingredient, but it proved to be specific to the Northern areas as well. This plant includes a wide range of species and most of them allow everyone to learn how to grow garlic at home!

Garlic is put into the ground in the form of cloves. They will grow up and create plants with individual bulbs (and many more cloves). Before you start this process, look for a sunny garden and a good soil. Take every clove and put it into the ground, in a 25 mm depth. Leave a 100 mm distance between the cloves and 450 mm between the inches.

The superstitions say you have to put garlic into the ground in the day that is considered to have the least number of hours. It is considered there is such a day during the year. It may be practical, due to the amount of light, but there is no scientific evidence that can prove it.

It is important to know that garlic can be planted with many other flowers around. It protects them, but there can be cases in which garlic diseases may seriously destroy your harvest. However, supposing you plated the garlic, it grew up and reached a certain level of maturity, you will notice its leaves will become brown. You have to understand it as a sign that shows you the harvest is ready.

The process of collecting the garlic is not over yet. You have to pay as much important as you did until you picked it up from the ground, because it has to be completely dry and kept in a cool place. Remove the dirty parts and do not wash them right now. After another few days, start eating them! You will see how proud you will feel as you have already learn how to grow garlic!