How To Hit A Golf Ball


Golf is one of the few sports in the world that doesn’t require a standard playing area. The whole beauty of golf is to play on a wide terrain with different difficulty levels. There are a few rules to playing golf but in order to be a good player a person needs to focus solely on hitting the ball. This may seem like an easy task for an inexperienced person. However it is only when you attempt to hit the ball that you realize how hard it truly is. Today we are going to give a few guidelines that will help you learn how to hit a golf ball.

The first lesson that a new player should learn is the correct grip and the right method of bending. A lot of players make the mistake of thinking that a stronger grip will result in a more powerful hit. However this is quite inaccurate. According to professional players the grip should be firm but not strong. If you focus of a strong grip your whole body will be tense. Golf is a game of posture and balance therefore the body needs to be firm yet flexible.

The first thing you need to focus on when learning how to hit a golf ball is posture. Drop you right shoulder and try to keep your right arm in contact with the lower portion of your stomach. Next you need to focus on the swing angle. Try not to flip your hands when you hit. Your leading hand (the left one) should be angled down towards the ball. Imagine that the wood is an extension of your hand and position your leading hand as if you were hitting the ball with the back of the hand.

The next step when learning how to hit a golf ball is swinging. Pick a spot on the ground that lines with the ball and stretch the wood towards that spot. When you are doing this your hands should form a perfect ā€œvā€ letter. Try to keep this position of you hands as long as possible before bending your left hand when hitting the ball. Once you hit the ball let your hands continue the swing until your wood is over your left shoulder.

These are the basic steps towards hitting a golf ball straight. However different terrains require different techniques as well as different equipment. Golf is a very challenging sport but it is also a very interesting one. It requires a steady hand as well as a good technique. Like with all sports, the best way to improve yourself is to practice.