How to select the best sim only deals

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Traditional mobile contracts can come with various downsides, the main disadvantage of having one being usually the high price you need to pay on a monthly basis. Sim only deals are a great alternative and more mobile users are opting for it. If you have only recently discovered this possibility, you a probably looking to make the best choice in this department, and the following information will help you access a suitable offer for your needs.

What is a sim only deal?

Before analysing your options, it’s important to fully understand what a sim only deal means and why is it better than your traditional mobile contract. Well, the first thing that should catch your attention is the cheaper monthly traffic you can have access to. Because you will not be getting a device together with your sim card, and you will not be bond to any contract, the monthly fee you will be required to pay will also be much lower. Moreover, you will be getting much more for your money, in terms of minutes, data and text messages, which is always a plus, and the network benefits you will have access to are certainly still plenty.

Switching from traditional mobile contracts to sim only – can you keep your number?

Tough replacing a traditional phone contract twit a sim only alternative is great, one of the things you might be worrying about is giving up on your current number. Because you probably don’t want to have to notice all your contacts that you have replaced your phone number, you should seek a sim only offer that gives you the possibility to retain your digits. The majority of sim companies actually provide you with this possibility, allowing you to port to another network, without having to lose your mobile number. If this is something that’s important to you, seek information regarding this aspect before choosing one deal or another.


Nowadays, the majority of mobile owners, use their smartphone mainly to browse the internet, and less for actually making phone calls or sending text messages. This is the reasons why mobile data has become one of the main characteristics sought after when starting a mobile contract or buying a sim only card. If you know you are using quite a lot of data on a monthly basis, when you are searching for an adequate, paying attention to the amount of data included is a must. For your consumption to not exceed what your contract actually includes, and for you to be left without internet coverage at the end of the month, it’s best to seek a 3g sim only that provides you with sufficient or even unlimited data. Although, usually, the more data you are getting, the higher the price, it’s best to know your needs are fully covered, than to make cheap decisions.


The next step is informing yourself about the number of minutes included in the deal. Although in most situations, you might benefit from unlimited calls, some offers – usual the cheaper ones – do not provide this particular advantage. Think about your needs, and see if the sim card you are interested in acquiring is able to meet your demands in this department. Regardless of offer, with a sim alternative, you will be getting much more for your money than with a traditional contract.

Text messages

If you are the type of person who usually texts, and perhaps doesn’t spend so much time calling or browsing the web, the number of texts you get with your plan is an extremely important detail. The best part about sim only contracts is that they usually come with unlimited text messages, which gives you all the freedom you desire when it comes to this form of communication. However, it’s important to check this particular aspect before deciding on an offer, just to make sure that you get as many text messages included as you want, for the price you are willing to pay.  

Methods of payment

Another relevant thing you will need to think about is the method of payment used. The major of sim only deals usually come with two options in this depart net – monthly payment or pain on the go. Each of these two forms of payment have their own advantages, and should be chosen depending on your particular preferences. While a monthly payment plan can come with certain requirements, such as a potential credit check, or having to give in a notice if you want to end your deal, the pay on the go option gives you more freedom. You have the chance to pay by direct debit, and the credit check process is usually less strict than for monthly payment plans.

Research the vendor

Perhaps you have found a deal that includes the number of minutes, text messages and data you desire, but the vendor might be one that has only recently appeared on the market, and their reliability is not that great at the moment.  If you don’t want to have any problems with your coverage, and to be able to access your sim regardless of location, it’s best if you go for a sim card vendor that has already made a great reputation on the market, and is known for offering amazing deals and reasonable coverage. You will be able to access the details you desire just by searching on the internet for a bit, so make sure you go through this step before making your final decision.

As you can see, it’s important to think through several relevant details that can contribute to making a reliable decision when you are trying to select a sim only deal. Sim only contracts are known for their numerous advantages, but not all of them provide the same level of convenience, so its best if you compare your options, and follow a few steps in order to actually access what the market offers bets in this department. With the tops mentioned above at your disposal, you will certainly decide wisely.