How to Start a Vegetable Garden

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If you are aware of the health benefits of a diet high in vegetables, if you have space for a garden and you do not know how to start, we offer you all the information required about how to start a vegetable garden.

  • Start with a small part: Do not get too enthusiastic at first, even if you expect to see rich crops and vegetables that bend their branches with their fruits. Large gardens require more work of which you are not aware from the beginning. So if you are new to gardening art, begin with a small garden, which you can expand any time.
  • Examine the soil: The best soil is the sandy one. If you want to know the type of the soil in your garden, take in your hand a piece of ground and squeeze it between your fingers. If it crumbles quickly, you have a sandy soil. In addition, it would be better to treat the soil with compost before planting something. Compost means any biodegradable material (leaves, barks, pine needles) from which you can obtain a paste that is mixed with the soil. Also, it is better to apply this compost frequently: once in spring and once in autumn. The improvement of the quality of the ground is done only after several seasons of treatment.
  • What you can plant in the vegetable garden: The first step is to buy bags of seeds from any store, but you can also order them on the internet, directly from the catalog. Choose quality seeds, with authenticity certificate. Nobody wants to work for hours and to have disastrous results. In addition, if it is a small garden, avoid plants that occupy space, like corn, pumpkins and so on. The easiest vegetables to grow and care for are onion, beans, cucumbers and potatoes. Tomatoes and peppers must be grown from the seed stage in pots, in the house, with about 8 weeks before transplanting them outside.
  • The ideal time: Most vegetables can be planted when the good weather starts. The most common mistake is not to have the patience for spring to come, to avoid any danger of frost.


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