Love Is All You Need Review

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“Love is all you need” is an inspiring love story directed by the talented Danish director Susanne Bier. Unlike her previous movies that portrayed heart breaking tragedies, Brier’s latest movie features a tender love story that teaches us that love will always come to those who deserve it. The movie is about two broken souls that are united by their children’s wedding.

In this beautiful love story, Pierce Brosnan plays Philip, a British widower living in Denmark. After accepting the loss of his wife, he makes no attempt to move on with his life. Instead he tries to focus on his work waiting for what the next day will bring. He is in the fruits and vegetables business but he does not fall under the cliché of making lemonade with the lemons that life has given him. At the beginning of the movie we see him refusing a dance with a colleague saying that he had danced his last tango. However it seems that life has other plans for him.

Ida is a danish hairdresser who is recovering from cancer. One day after returning from a chemo session she finds her husband cheating with his assistant. The relationship between Ida and her husband lacks emotional content revealing a simple life where the female character has neglected the importance of love. In “Love is all you need” , the talented Trine Dyrholm manages to add a touch of humor on the tragic events in her character’s life.

The two main characters meet on their way to their children’s wedding. After crashing their cars they decide to journey together towards the wedding which takes place in Italy. The location of the wedding gives away the fact that we are about to view a beautiful love story. After all,what better place is there to find love other than Italy? The wedding does not lack drama when Ida’s husband arrives accompaniment by the woman he cheated with. Nevertheless the two main characters develop a special connection.

Love is all you need” is a great romantic comedy. It skilfully mocks romantic cliches while in the same time manages to touch our hearts with heart warming love of the two main characters. Despite the fact that life was not kind with them in matters of love, Philip and Ida still manage to fall in love in the most romantic country in the world. The great thing is that the characters are not focused on moving on yet the transition occurs naturally when they come together.