The Advantages of 3D TV


A 3D TV uses techniques like multi-view display, 2D-plus-depth and stereoscopic display to convey depth perception. The idea of 3D television is based on the human anatomy. Our eyes are about seven centimeters apart, so they each capture images in different ways and from different angles. The brain picks up those images and blends them to create a sense of depth. Because two different images are used for each eye, we need 3D glasses that fuse them. A 3D television set is basically a high end LCD or plasma. Although released in 2010, they were not that popular until now. But what are the advantages of a 3D TV?

Enhanced experience
Imagine having the incredible experience of 3D theater right in your living room. Standard television sets just can’t provide that kind of entertainment because they don’t add depth to the landscape. With just a pair of glasses, viewers are transported into a three dimensional world that makes movies and even sporting events such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup appear right in front of them. Even the Discovery Channel is starting a separate 3D program. No matter what you decide to watch, it will certainly be the experience of a lifetime.

Better image quality
One of the advantages of 3D TV is that it displays images without degrading their quality. The high quality 3D images are delivers through the Frame Sequential technology. Successive frames that carry the image meant for one eye or the other are alternated and played back at a rate of 60 frames per second, providing 1920 x 1080 full HD image quality.

It saves money
It might seem hard to believe, but a 3D TV actually saves money. A plasma television can cost about $2,600 and you can find a 3D set at half the price. As more companies are investing, the demand for such products will grow and prices will decrease, even for better quality models. Older-firmware models will be easily upgraded via the internet. Watching a 3D movie from the comfort of your home is cheaper than going out for movie and dinner.

Glasses are no longer required
One of the disadvantages of 3D technology is that viewers must wear the uncomfortable glasses. With the autostereoscopy technology, glasses are no longer required because binocular perception of 3D depth is added. The “glasses-free 3D” system doesn’t require additional hardware and will soon become widely utilized.

More of the advantages of a 3D TV are the fact that you can play 3D games and watch movies with your friends in comfortable environment, without having to wait in line at the cinema and spend money.