Baby shower


A baby shower is seen as an occasion when the new mother will receive a lot of presents and everyone will found out you are having a child. It is a moment of joy, fun and pleasure as well and everyone would do anything in order to have it.

If you feel worried about how this event should take on and who should be in charge of making everything ok, then you have to pay attention to some tips. For the beginning, make sure the person who is in charge with the organization is not the new mother. You do not want her to know all the details and stress for everything, as long as the baby shower is considered a surprise for her. She should only enjoy the party and take it as a gift from her friends. When I say friends, I refer to relatives, parents, acquaintances or colleagues.

The baby shower is supposed to happen in the last days before the birth and you are free to keep everything secret or ask the new mother whether she would like to have such a party. You will keep her focused on something until she gives birth to the child, so it could be a good idea. But organizing a baby shower also means to find a place to have it and to make sure the space is large enough and perfect for everyone. The presents are also a very important aspect of the baby shower, so discuss with the other guests so that the same gifts are not offered twice;

First of all, make a list with all the people you want to invite and after having finished it, make sure you will find a place that can gather all your guests. Our suggestion is to avoid holding the party at new mom’s house, because you will only bring her much work to do after the party ended up. She will be stressed and concerned about how much she has to work in order to put everything into order and every second of the party will be dedicated to prayers to God that the guests will not destroy anything in the house.

You could talk to her and ask for her opinion. In case she considers it would be ok to hold the baby shower in your house, as it saves up a lot of money and the mess would not be that high, you are free to plan everything right there. But if you notice the mum-to-be is rather reluctant to having the party in her house, do not insist. She already thought of the time she has to spend on cleaning the house before and after the party and the huge effort she is due to make.