French Restaurants And Haute Cuisine

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The world’s passion for French cuisine has allowed it to spread all over the world. Furthermore the classic french cuisine gave birth to haute cuisine, which is considered the most sophisticated type of food. The élite food is usually served in small portions and multiple courses. In time, haute cuisine became associated with the élite cuisine of each country. However there was a time when French cuisine was considered the most superior cuisine and most of the exclusive restaurants in the world were french restaurants. Although the popularity of these restaurants has decreased, they still provide the best dining out experience.

There are certain elements that define french cuisine such as plentiful use of spices, meticulous seasoning and separate protein and sauce preparation. Furthermore classic french food almost always goes through a complex preparation process. The French people are known for their attention to details and this characteristic is well underlined by their cuisines. Unlike the rest of the world, French people believe in achieving perfection in order to properly enjoy life and a fine meal is essential for a good day. Another important aspect of the French culture is the fact that food is meant to be savored thus nurturing the soul as well as the body. However most people go to french restaurants because they like the pretentious look. Few people understand the French culture and even fewer are able to enjoy it in a proper manner.

A great tip for an unforgettable night is to choose a French restaurant when you are planning a romantic date. After all what can be more pleasant than to enjoy a fine glass of wine in a romantic ambiance and with good company. Before going to a French restaurant you should do some research on some french dishes and the best way to combine them. The first thing you should serve is a cocktail otherwise known as an apéritif . After the apéritif you will be able to indulge in 4 courses, the appetizers, main course desert and the cheese course. The trick about french cuisine is knowing how to combine the food with the drinks especially with the wine. If you are having problems the best thing to do is ask the waiter what type of wine he would recommend with a certain dish. The great thing about French restaurants is that aside from the exquisite food they also provide a wonderful ambiance. These restaurants are the embodiment of style and class. Going to such a restaurant is a great way to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

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