Lolita- Short overview

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Lolita is a tragic story featuring a man’s obsession for a twelve years old girl. The story starts as John Ray receives a manuscript entitled Lolita, or the Confession of a White Widowed Male. In this manuscript a deceased prisoner tells his life story. Having suffered a tragic lost as a young child, the author of the manuscript found himself unable to develop emotionally. After his first love, a twelve years old girl passed away, he continued to be obsessed with young girls even as he grew older.

Humbert met Lolita when he moved to the United States. She was the daughter of Charlotte Haze, a widower who rented Humbert a room in her house. As the main character gets to know the young girl he becomes completely fascinated with her. Noticing that Charlotte was falling in love with him, he decides to marry her in order to stay close to her daughter. During a summer when the girl was at a camp, Charlotte finds Humbert’s diary. Here she finds out that not only does her husband hate her but he is infatuated with her daughter. After confronting him, Charlotte decides to leave him but she is struck by a car just as she leaves the house.

Charlotte’s death leaves Humbert unaffected, as he had been toying with the idea of killing her. He goes to the location of the summer camp and takes Charlotte’s daughter with him. When they find a place to stay he tells her that her mother is death and that he is going to take care of care. They journey around the country for a year. During this time the child notices Humbert’s sexual attraction towards her and starts manipulating him. However they never have a real relationship. Refusing his advances she starts to be interested in boys her own age. Their travels are followed by a mysterious character whose goal is unknown.

At some point they both settle down somewhere in the Northeast where Humbert finds a job. Soon enough the young girl becomes ill. Worried for her health, Humbert takes her to the hospital. When he goes to visit her the nurses tell him that she has already been picked up by her uncle. He then realizes that someone had indeed been following them and that same someone had now kidnapped Lolita. For two years he tries to find her and when he eventually succeeds he finds her poor and pregnant. She confesses that she had been in love with the man who took her from the hospital.

However he had other interests in her. After she declined to participate in child pornography orgies he left her with no concern for her situation. Although she is very poor, the 17 years old pregnant girl refuses to come back with Humbert. Understanding her decision he gives her some money and proceeds to tracking her kidnapper. He eventually finds him and kills him. Humbert spends the rest of his life in prison where he writes his memoirs.