The Lord Of The Rings – Short overview


“The lord of the rings” is one of the most popular fantasy stories. J.R.R. Tolkien presents a magical world called the Middle Earth. This world is populated by various creatures such as dwarfs, elves orcs and wizards. All the events are rotated around a powerful ring created by a dark wizard. The author manages to get the readers’ attention with diverse well structured characters and multiple turns of events. The story stretches over 3 books presenting a young hobbit’s journey to destroy the ring.

The first book is called The fellowship of the ring. The peaceful life of young hobbit, Frodo Baggins is disrupted when a powerful wizard entrusts him with a mission. Frodo is to destroy his uncles’ magical ring by throwing it into a volcano. Gandalf, the wizard gathers a powerful team in order to accompany the little hobbit on his journey. One might wonder why the wizard would choose a small hobbit to carry on such a dangerous task. The answer lies in Frodo’s pure heart. His love for a simple life makes him almost immune to the appeal of the ring. Above all, “The lord of the rings” is a story about hope and friendship. The first book underlines the main characters as well as the special connections between them. The fellowship includes 4 hobbits, one dwarf, two humans and a wizard. At the end of the first book the fellowship is divided but they continue to pursue their common goal.

The second book is called “The two towers” and it symbolizes the battle between good and evil. The most relevant happening from this book is Frodo’s meeting with the miserable Golum. Also known as Smeagol, Golum is a pitiful character who used to be possessor of the ring. However the ring’s evil will altered his weak heart turning him into a desperate and lonely creature. The second book of “The Lord of the rings” also features the journey of the other characters. Gandalf is confronted with Saruman, a previously good wizard who was seduced by the powers of the Evil force, Sauron. The remaining characters of the fellowship of the ring try to release a human king from the evil influence of Sauron. The book is focused on illustrating how weak hearts can easily be corrupted by evil. Power, sorrow and loneliness can all drive good people to horrible actions.

The last book of “The lord of the rings” is called “The return of the king” and it features the final battle between good and evil. All good living creatures as well as cursed deal souls fight together in order to resist the evil power of Sauron. Under the leadership of Aragorn the good forces eventually prevail and start to rebuild their world. The three hobbits return to their shire but Frodo is unable to return to his normal existence. Having been marked by the evil ring he embarks on a ship in order to find a peaceful paradise.