How to Design an Asian Garden in 6 Steps


Asian gardens originate from West Asia, South Asia and East Asia (China and Japan). The Fertile Cresent in West Asia housed the world’s oldest gardens, between Egypt and Iraq. Many design ideas originate from the Middle East. Islamic gardens were inspired by the ancient culture of Mesopotamia and from the Graeco-Roman traditions. In time, this type of garden suffered several changes, in the sense that many cultures incorporated their existent design elements with the Feng-Shi philosophy. For example, many Western homes have DIY conservatories UK that also include exotic elements.  Known for being a serene meditative area, the Asian landscape has an abundance of natural elements that invite contemplation. If you want to know how to design an Asian garden, follow these simple steps:

1. Asian Gardens have a calming effect because of the 5 elements: wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Before getting started, research the principles of Feng Shui and determine how much space and funding you have available. Break large areas into smaller designs and try to keep it simple by placing a single element of decor.

2. Use an Oriental style gate made by two potted bonsai trees. Create pathways that cross the garden with gravel and stepping stones. You can even make designs in the gravel with a rake and place flowerbeds along the paths. Choose Asian flowers like lilies, hibiscus and tea roses. Fill the empty spaces with sand and ornamental stones representing the earth element. These materials require little maintenance and are pleasant to look at.

3. For the element of wood plant tree areas connected by pathways. Try to make simple forms that don’t overwhelm the scenery. Bonsai trees will give the garden an Asian feel. You can also plant a bamboo wall around the entire garden, or just at one end. It is important to know how to create an Asian garden without clustering it.

4. Add a fountain or a bird bath to glorify the element of water. A koi pond or a riverbed are also great ideas for a larger space. Enjoy the view from a seating area placed next to the water that will certainly have a calming effect. Use stones and flowers to embellish the riverbed.

5. The element of fire is symbolized by the color red. Decor elements like bridges, pots, sculptures can be integrated into the garden. A bridge painted red is considered lucky in the Asian culture. The fire bridge above the water is a powerful symbol for overcoming obstacles and enjoying every aspect of life. You can also design a fire pit and add lanterns.

6. For the element of metal hang wing chimes or bells that will tinkle and create beautiful sounds. Confusion and randomness are not allowed in this space, so if you want to know how to design an Asian garden with a zen feeling, let go of your negative thoughts and embrace serenity.