How To Form A Secret Society


A secret society is usually a mysterious group of people with a hidden agenda. Throughout history, there have been rumors of numerous secret societies with political as well as religious backgrounds. However nowadays secret societies can be a fun way to spend your time in high school or college. One thing that you need to understand about this type of society is that although it is supposed to be a secret certain information needs to be released about it. If you want to learn how to form a secret society you need a few trustworthy friends.

First of all you need to establish the name of the society as well as its purpose. Are you looking to guard a secret, organize exclusive parties or participate in secret activities? Keep in mind the main purpose of the society and use it in order to come up with the name as well as the society’s motto. Feel free to use Latin words in order to make it sound historical. You need to know very well the first members that you are going to recruit. It is recommended that you embark on this journey with your closest friends who have already proved that they are worthy of your trust. Together you can establish the rules of the society as well as the rituals, the upcoming events and the profiles of future members.

Once you have your start-up members you need to spread some rumors of the society. When learning how to form a secret society you need to understand that in order to recruit members the society can’t be a complete secret. However the member’s identity, rituals and meetings still have to remain unknown. What you can do is release a rumors on a social network about the society. You can even post an unclear photo from a certain midnight meeting. Make sure that none of the members are recognizable in the picture. Once word gets out of the society you can bet that everyone will want to be a part of it. However you need to have a very strict profile for future members. You must also test them for a period of time before having their initiation.

In order to have a well established hierarchy you should also enforce classes in the society according to the seniority and accomplishments. New members should not be allowed to meet members 2 classes higher. This way you create the illusion of a rich history and you also protect the identity of high class members. When learning how to form a secret society keep in mind the importance of etiquette. Give a lot of attention to the rituals and ceremonies. You can also design a seal for the society and engrave it on rings, medallions or buttons.