Men Style Summer Guide

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When it comes to fashion, summer is the most eccentric season and this goes for both women fashion as well as men style. Although men are less obsessed with fashion than women, they have always manifested an interest in fashion trends. However most men avoid over the top looks and usually prefer subtle outfits. Today we are going to present you with a few guidelines for a relaxed yet chic summer look.

As the temperatures rose the limitations on white have also lifted so feel free to wear it as often as you like until Labor Day. Most men avoid to wear white on a daily basis because it is harder to keep clean. However you needn’t worry about an occasional dust smudge as it only shows that you are enjoying the fine weather. You can wear white pants with blue shirts and brown vests for an office look or you can go for an all white relaxed summer look. White is also chic when it comes to hats and although few men dare to wear hats this summer you should go for a white fedora if you want to complete a mysterious outfit. But if you don’t feel comfortable wearing white you can always wear various hues such as ivory, ecru or eggshell. This hues are acceptable in both pants and shirts.

When it comes to color men are a bit shy. But if you want to be noticed this summer you should get friendly with these colors as they are in all the men style catalogs. A man who is confident about his masculinity will not be afraid to wear pastels. Touches of neon are also encouraged if you want an extravagant look If you don’t like these type of colors you can always liven up an outfit by adding a color touch like a flowery scarf.

Scarfs are for the most relaxed outfits but for powerful looks ties are the best choice. Furthermore this summer’s men style comes with bold tie designs. Feel free to exploit polka dots, stripes and flowery patterns as well as bold colors such as green, blue, pink or yellow. The tie should complement the shirt or the jacket. Although the weather is kinda hot for jackets the spring-summer collections have some great jacket designs and the style magazines encourage some rather bold choices. Very popular this summer are the check pattern jackets but if you are a true daredevil you can even wear a pink salmon jacket or an eggnog jacket. You should also feel free to combine styles and colors. You can wear an extremely elegant jacket with a casual t-shirt or a white costume with a turquoise or pink shirt.

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