The typical male height at maturity for Samoyed breed is averaging at 52-60 cm while the females are visible smaller 48-52 cm. he weight is roughly 22-30 kg.
Life expectancy is roughly 10-12 years.

Samoyed breed characteristics:

The shape of the Samoyed head is broad, triangular, conical snout but so tightly spaced and furry and fluffy you’d think it’s a ball of snow that only has two perfectly round sparkly eyes of usually dark color, peered with the ears that are thick and well spaced. The chest is prominent but not to wide and is not to down either. The tail of the Samoyed dogs is bushy, long and shaped as a pretzel. The scissor shape of the bite resembles that of other dogs from the same category like the Pitbull. The typical color of these breed is white but you may encounter cream and beige varieties.

Samoyed breed dogs are working dogs resistant to extremely cold outdoor environments, although their fluffy and cuddly look would make us think they were breed specifically to be company dogs but they came in fact from one of the coldest regions of the earth. Samoyed dogs will continually seek their master’s attention and if left alone for a long time will be bored.

Samoyed dog Origin:

Its name is related to the Samoyed tribe in Siberia where they were bred to pull slays and to steer the flocks of reindeers. The physical condition and the brute force of these dogs make the Samoyed dog a very special dog in the eyes of the tribe that breed them and thought them to help people with work regardless of the outside conditions.

Race appearance:

The Samoyed breed characteristic is the mane around the neck, more pronounced in males and the immaculate white of their furs. As adaptation of living at low temperatures they have developed long slender limbs that are enabling them to walk on snow without sinking in it and their paws covered with fur protect them from freezing.

Race personality:

Samoyed breed dogs have a keen intelligence and they successfully fulfill the delegated tasks and eventually master them if their master knows how to impose his authority upon the dog. Their temperament makes them ideal candidates for training as puppies since they tend to be obedient to their leader and to the leader executants relation ship. The Samoyed is friendly towards his owner, children and sociable with the family circle to which they belong to.

Health and care:

Samoyed dog is strong and has a health to be jealous about. After a certain age some exemplary are prone to diabetes, so a balanced diet and more exercise outdoors can prevent this disease.

Master’s duties:

Samoyed breed dogs owners should pay special attention to what their dogs eat so that they can prevent obesity and a thoroughly check is very important in discovering diabetes. Daily brushing for hair care and maintain a healthy appearance is necessary.

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