The Bianfu Ring


In 1898 the union of two Parisian jewelry houses gave birth to one of the most prestigious names in the jewelry industry, Van Cleef And Arpels. Over the years this luxurious jewelry house has tried to individualize each particular piece of jewelry with a unique story, proving that jewelry truly is an art. Their clientage varied from royalties to famous wealthy people. Although most high jewelry pieces are examined according to the cuts and carats of their precious gems, the Van Cleef And Asperls jewelry items are famous due to their impressive design which make each piece exquisite. Today we are going to discuss the Bianfu ring, a particularly charming jewelry piece inspired by the Asian culture.

This timeless jewelry piece is part of the Palais De La Chance collection. This collection is inspired by nature as well as by magic and mystery featuring charming and playful jewelry pieces. The colors and shapes used in this collection are meant to make any woman feel like a princess therefore if you feel like reconnecting with your inner goddess you should acquire a Palais De La Chance jewelry piece. Most items in this collection are inspired by Asian cultures, astrology and nature. The pieces are unique and we guarantee that there is at least one jewelry piece for every taste.

The Bianfu ring is a perfect demonstration of creativity and style. Despite its value, this ring should not be saved just for special events. It is meant to be worn on a sunny day with a breezy and playful outfit. While taking a stroll in the park you will fill infinitely precious when the sun rays will make the numerous precious stones sparkle like fairy dust. Due to the fact that it is so feminine, this ring definitely needs to be worn with dresses. It is ideal to combine the intense color of the ring with various pastel colors such as blue, pink or yellow.

The main element of the ring is the 23,34 carat emerald cut purple sapphire. The impressive gem is surrounded by round and pear shaped pink sapphires. The white gold and crystal clear diamonds also contribute to the grandeur of this piece of jewelry. The bat motif symbolizes happiness and prosperity in the Feng Shui philosophy therefore the Bianfu ring can also be considered a lucky charm. The Asian inspiration is also noticed due to the subtle grace and beauty of this ring. Despite the fact that it has a lot of elements the ring manages to maintain a pure and classic look.