Kitchen Decorating Ideas


A lot of home&garden magazines emphasize the importance of having a neat and nicely decorated kitchen. The kitchen is by far the busiest room in the house. Unlike the other rooms that are focused on relaxation, the kitchen is more of a working space, therefore, the design must always be focused on functionality. The first thing you need to do when you want to redecorate your kitchen is to analyze your storage need. Once you figure out exactly how much storage space you need, you can move on to some kitchen decorating ideas.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when redecorating your kitchen is that this is no longer just a cooking space. With the right interior home decorating ideas, the kitchen can be a great gathering place for friends and families. Therefore you can either integrate a dining area into the kitchen or you can choose to build an open kitchen. If your kitchen is too small you can always save space by using a corner couch. Another thing you need to consider is the lighting. If you have big windows you can upgrade them with modern frames and give up the curtains in order to enjoy plenty of natural light. On the other hand, if your windows are not big enough make sure you place light elements in all the essential places.

When it comes to kitchen decorating ideas there are a lot of possibilities. Every home&garden will tell you that the first step in a redecoration process is choosing a theme. You can go with shabby chic, country house, industrial, modern, rustic and many more. However don’t be afraid to experiment and combine decorating styles. Once you have settled on an idea it’s time to focus on the cabinets. You can either buy new ones or give the new ones a makeover. A great design tip is to use old handles on modern cabinets in order to obtain a unique look. You can also combine a modern style with other vintage elements such as old reconditioned chairs. Another great style mix is industrial stainless steels design with antique or rustic elements. If you think that your old refrigerator doesn’t match the look of your new kitchen but you don’t want to buy a new one you can always mask it with a wood panel that resembles the cabinets.

The colors that you use in your kitchen are very influential for all of your interior home decorating ideas. For example, a white kitchen can create the illusion of a bright open space. You can add colorful accents such as colored chair cushions or kaleidoscopic paintings. Pastels are also great a kitchen’s design especially if you are going for a country style kitchen. There are a number of ways in which you can use the colors in this space. You can paint one wall or all of them or you can paint the cabinets. Another excellent idea is to use a colored tile wall as a focus point. If you are a fan of European country styles try to use oak furniture in your decorating project. There are also a lot of small kitchen decorating ideas that can change the style of the room. For example, you can print vintage french labels to put on you spice containers or you can use your favorite quotes as part of the wall designs. Furthermore, a great idea is to combine a shabby chic country style with luxurious elements such as a glamorous chandelier.