The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe – Book Summary


“The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” represents the second adventure of “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The land of Narnia is a parallel world where one can only arrive with the help of magic. After portraying the creation of the land in the first book, C.S.Lewis now presents the arrival of four brothers and sisters in Narnia. According to an old prophecy, the children are to rid Narnia of the evil curse of the White Witch.

The story begins when the four siblings are sent to send to spend the summer with an eccentric professor. In his house they discover a magical wardrobe that links our world to Narnia. The first one to cross the border is the youngest one, Lucy. None of her siblings believe her at first but eventually they are all drawn to the wardrobe. In Narnia they discover a world governed by magic where animals can speak. They set on a journey to meet Aslan, the most powerful creature in Narnia who will tell them how to defeat the Queen. Edmund, the youngest of the two boys, who was previously seduced by the Witch rushes to warn her of the upcoming danger. However instead of rewarding him, she takes him as her prisoner, planning to kill him as well as his brother and sisters.

While Edmund is held prisoner Peter, Lucy and Susan rush towards the Stone Table in order to seek Aslan’s help. “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” is a story filled with magic. During their journey, the children encounter Father Christmas who gives them 3 special gifts. Susan receives a bow and arrows, Peter receives a sward and Lucy a magic potion. Father Christmas also tells them that the Witch’s winter curse is fading away and spring is coming. Eventually the three children are faced with the mighty Aslan. Fear takes over them as they discover he is actually a great lion.

Soon enough however his warm breath and soothing voice calms them down. They realize that, unlike the other talking animals, Aslan is a sort of divinity. Trusting in his power, they rush to help their brother. Eventually they manage to save Edmund but fail to capture the Queen. The following day Aslan meets with the Witch and she demands Edmund’s life. According to the rules of Narnia, Edmund was a traitor and his life belonged to her. However Aslan proposes to trade his own life for Edmund’s. The Queen is more than happy to take this deal and the next night she murders him on the Stone Table as Lucy and Susan watch from a hiding place. The Queen then takes off, leaving Aslan’s dead body on the table. The next day however the Stone Table breaks as Aslan comes back to life. Aside from magic “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” also features friendship, justice and courage. The children with the support of Aslan’s force engage a war in order to rid Narnia of the White Witch once and for all. They win the war and they are crowned kings and queens of Narnia. They rule the magical land for many years until they eventually get back to our world. Here they discover that while many years passed in Narnia, no time had passed in our world. The eccentric professors tells them not to worry as they are to return to Narnia once again.